Toys that every child should have

Do you have kids? If so, you know how many responsibilities you have as a parent. That is why thing some parents believe that toys are not very important because they are meant only for entertainment and do not affect the child’s actual wellbeing and safety. In fact, the situation is far from that. In this blog, we will give you a short list of must-have toys for every child.

The first on our list is building blocks. Building blocks offer a lot of opportunities for play regardless of the kid’s age. They develop motor and spatial skills, structural concepts, and hand-eye coordination. 

Every child should have at least several balls of different sizes and weights. Balls are the basis of many games and sports. They will teach your child to bounce, throw, roll, run, and other skills.

Your kid should have paper, tape, paint, glue, crayons, and other items to express and develop his or her creativity.

Some parents believe that cars are only for boys. In fact, girls love playing with cars too. Cars and vehicles teach children about cause and effect (in imaginative car crashes) and improve hand dexterity.

Stuffed animals and dolls (which are not only for girls) are necessary to help your child to express emotions and empathy. Moreover, they develop imagination and communicative and social skills.

Puzzles also produce a positive effect on motor and problem-solving skills, increase spatial awareness, and give the brain a real workout. However, you should choose those appropriate for the age of your kid to avoid frustration or boredom.

Finally, every child should have a collection of small figures made of different materials. No matter if they are people or animals, they cooperate, create families, play games, fight each other, help each other, and communicate.

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